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Amendment No. 157 – 3 September 2015

Download: Amendment No. 157 ​(pdf 626 kb) | (word 157 kb)


Amendment No. 157 contains amendments to the following Standards in the current Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and the revised Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code which commences on 1 March 2016.

Please note that compilations for the revised Code will not be registered on ComLaw until just before 1 March 2016.  To assist stakeholders until the relevant compilations are registered, FSANZ has provided updated standards on the revised Code page, but these versions are for information only and are not to be treated as authoritative versions of the standards.

Current Code 

Standard 1.1A.8 – Transitional Standard for Dietary Fibre Nutrition Content Claims

Standard 1.2.7 – Nutrition, Health & Related Claims

Standard 1.2.8 – Nutrition Information Requirements

Standard 1.3.1 – Food Additives

Revised Code

Standard 1.1.1Structure of the Code and general provisions

Standard 1.1.2 Definitions used throughout the Code

Standard 1.2.1 Requirements to have labels or otherwise provide information

Standard 1.2.5 Information requirements – date marking of food for sale

Standard 1.2.7Nutrition, health and related claims

Standard 1.2.8 – Nutrition information requirements

Standard 1.2.10 Information requirements – characterising ingredients and components of food

Standard 1.2.11 Information requirements – country of origin labelling

Standard 1.2.12 Transitional standard for dietary fibre nutrition content claims

Standard 1.3.3 Processing aids

Standard 1.4.1 Contaminants and natural toxicants

Standard 1.5.2 Food produced using gene technology

Standard 1.5.3 Irradiation of food

Standard 1.6.1 Microbiological limits in food

Standard 2.2.1 Meat and meat products

Standard 2.6.2 Non-alcoholic beverages and brewed soft drinks

Standard 2.8.1 Sugar and sugar products

Standard 2.9.2 Food for infants

Standard 2.9.3 Formulated supplementary sports foods

Standard 2.9.4 Formulated supplementary sports foods

Standard 2.9.5 Food for special medical purposes

Standard 5.1.1 Revocation, and transitional provisions – 2014 revision

Schedule 3 – Identity and purity

Schedule 14 Technological purposes performed by substances used as food additives

Schedule 15 – Substances that may be used as food additives

Schedule 17 – Vitamins and minerals

Schedule 18 – Processing aids

Schedule 19 Maximum levels of contaminants and natural toxicants

Schedule 27Microbiological limits in food

Schedule 29 – Special purpose foods














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