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Amendment No. 150 – 30 October 14

Amendment No. 150 contains amendments to the following Standard in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

Standard 1.1A.6 Transitional Standard for Special purposes Foods (including Amino Acid Modified Foods) (New Zealand Only)

Standard 1.2.1 Application of Labelling and Other Information Requirements

Standard 1.2.4 Labelling of Ingredients

Standard 1.2.5 Date Marking of Packaged Food

Standard 1.2.7 Nutrition, Health & Related Claims

Standard 1.2.8 Nutrition Information Requirements

Standard 1.2.9 Legibility Requirements 

Standard 1.3.1 Food Additives

Standard 1.3.2 Vitamins and Minerals

Standard 1.3.3 Processing Aids

Standard 1.3.4 Identity and Purity

Standard 1.5.2 Food produced using Gene Technology

Standard 1.5.3 Irradiation of Food

Standard 1.6.1 Microbiological Limits for Food

Standard 2.1.1 Cereals and Cereal Products

Standard 2.5.3 Fermented Milk Products

Standard 2.5.7 Dried Milks, Evaporated Milks and Condensed Milks

Standard 2.6.2 Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks

Standard 2.7.4 Wine and Wine Product  

Standard 2.9.1 Infant Formula Products

Standard 2.9.2 Foods for Infants 

Standard 2.9.5 Food for Special Medical Purposes

Standard 2.10.3 Chewing Gum

Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements



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