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Call for data on substances used in contemporary sports foods

Page last updated July 2021​​​​​​


Through Proposal P1010, we're reviewing Standard 2.9.4 – Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code).

Formulated supplementary sports foods (sports foods) refer to foods and drinks which are designed to assist sports people in achieving specific nutritional or performance goals. These 'special purpose' foods may contain specified ingredients which are either not permitted to be added to 'general purpose' foods and drinks, or are added at a higher level. Such foods are intended to supplement the diet rather than be a sole or principal source of nutrition.

Standard 2.9.4 has not been reviewed since the joint Code came into effect in 2000–2. Since then, the sports food market has grown significantly, with a greater diversity of products and new product categories. Contemporary product composition can differ greatly from products that were available 10 to 20 years ago. Sports foods are now more easily accessible and widely available to a broader range of consumers via supermarkets, specialty stores, gyms and online purchase, and are promoted for a variety of health and wellness purposes.

To inform our assessment, FSANZ is conducting a Call for Data on substances for use in sports foods. The specific focus is on the composition of sports foods.

Information sought (inclusion criteria)

The Call for Data seeks information (published, unpublished and/or confidential information) from interested stakeholders.

FSANZ invites interested stakeholders to provide technical, toxicological and nutritional information relating to substances which they consider should be added or present in contemporary sports foods. To be considered as part of FSANZ's assessment, information must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

  • Based on scientific research – this can be published or unpublished
  • Provided as a full text document and in English
  • Report on one or more outcomes relevant for human health and/or sports performance, at different levels of intake (animal and human studies will be accepted)
  • Technical information supporting the characterisation of the commercial preparations of contemporary substances (i.e. specifications, stability data, validated analytical methods).

FSANZ also encourages the submission of consumer and market share information such as:

  • Use of sports foods across population groups (consumption data, consumer attitudes and preferences etc.)
  • Demographic information on who is consuming these products

FSANZ will not disclose or publish confidential information unless required to do so by law. In-confidence submissions may be subject to release under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1991

Please ensure all confidential information is clearly identified and separated in any submission made to FSANZ as part of this Call for Data. The onus is on submitters to identify information that is confidential.

Excluded Material

FSANZ will not consider opinion pieces, personal stories or medical records.

Material relating to 'electrolyte drinks' is excluded from this Call for Data as these products are regulated under Standard 2.6.2 and have recently been considered under Proposal P1030.

 ​Further detail on the type of information FSANZ is seeking, how FSANZ intends to use the information, and how FSANZ protects commercial and confidential information can be found in the Guidance for Submitters​ (pdf 261​​ kb) ​(word 139 kb)​

How to submit​​

Submissions to this Call for Data should be made in writing, be marked clearly with the word 'Submission', and quote the correct project number and name (P1010 – Review of formulated supplementary sports foods). Submitter contact details (email address and telephone phone) must accompany the submission.

While FSANZ accepts submissions in hard copy to our offices, it is more convenient to receive submissions electronically through the FSANZ website via the link on documents for public comment. You can also email your submission directly to

There is no need to send a hard copy of your submission if you have submitted it by email or via the FSANZ website. FSANZ endeavours to formally acknowledge receipt of submissions within 3 business days.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  6pm (Canberra time) 9 September 2021

Submissions received after this date will not be considered unless an extension had been given before the closing date. Extensions will only be granted due to extraordinary circumstances during the submission period. Any agreed extension will be notified on the FSANZ website and will apply to all submitters.

Questions about making submissions can be sent to

Hard copy submissions may be sent to one of the following addresses:

Food Standards Australia New Zealand                    Food Standards Australia New Zealand

PO Box 5423                                                              PO Box 10559

KINGSTON  ACT  2604                                              The Terrace WELLINGTON 6143

AUSTRALIA                                                                NEW ZEALAND

Tel +61 2 6271 2222                                                  Tel +64 4 978 5630


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