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Finalised applications

A list of all applications finalised on or before 30 June 2016 is available in the finalised applications document below.

The list indicates the date of the final consideration of each application by the Board and if gazetted, the Amendment Gazette number. For those matters not gazetted, the outcome of each application such as withdrawal, rejection etc is indicated.

Finalised applications (pdf 709 kb) | (word 146 kb)​

PA1078 To permit the addition of vitamin D to breakfast cereals
PA1076 Food Additive Permissions for Juices
A1072 Sucromalt as a Novel Food & Alternansucrase as an Enzyme
A1071 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Canola Line MON88302
A1070 Packaging Size for Phytosterol-enriched Lower Fat Cheese
A1068 Hydrogen Peroxide as a Processing Aid for Fermented Dairy Ingredients & Products
A1067 Sucromalt as a Novel Food & Alternansucrase as an Enzyme
A1066 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Maize MON87427
A1065 Packaging Size for Phytosterol-enriched Milk
A1064 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean Line CV127
A1063 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean MON87708
A1062 Dimethyl Ether as a Processing Aid for Non-dairy Foods
A1061 Amylomaltase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1060 Food derived from Insect-protected Corn Line 5307
A1059 Pectin-derived Oligosaccharides as a Novel Food
A1058 Fortification of Breakfast Cereal Products
A1057 Endo-protease as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1056 Dimethyl Ether as a Processing Aid (Solvent)
A1054 Dibromo-dimethylhydantoin (DBDMH) as a Processing Aid
A1053 Ornithine alpha-Ketoglutarate in Sports Foods
A1052 Extension of Use of Natamycin
A1051 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean Event FG72
A1050 Acyltransferase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1049 Food from herbicide-tolerant, high oleic acid soybean Line MON 87705
A1048 Co-extruded Polystyrene & PVPP as a Processing Aid
A1047 Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose as a Food Additive in Wine
A1046 Food derived from herbicide-tolerant soybean line DAS-68416-4
A1045 Bacteriophage Preparation as a Processing Aid
A1044 Pullulanase from Bacillus subtilis as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1043 World Health Organization limits (WHO) for packaged water
A1042 Food derived from herbicide-tolerant corn line DAS-40278-9
A1041 Food derived from SDA Soybean Line MON 87769
A1040 Food Derived from Insect-protected & Herbicide-tolerant Cotton Line GHB119
A1038 Irradiation of Persimmons
A1037 Steviol Glycosides: Increase in Permitted Use Levels
A1036 Lipase derived from Aspergillus niger as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1035 Food derived from insect protected soybean MON 87701
A1034 Advantame as a High Intensity Sweetener
A1032 ß-Galactosidase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1031 Amorphous Hydrophobic Silica as a Processing Aid
A1030 Calcium Lignosulfonate (40-65) as a Processing Aid Carrier
A1029 Food derived from Drought-tolerant Corn MON87460
A1028 Oil derived from Insect-resistant & Herbicide-tolerant Cotton Event T304-40
A1027 Revision of Winemaking Requirements
A1026 Minimum Alcohol Content for Wine
A1025 Classification of Dimethyl Dicarbonate
A1024 Equivalence of Plant Stanols, Sterols & their Fatty Acids Esters
A1023 Method of Production Labelling for Animal-derived Food Products
A1022 Maximum Level for Tutin in Honey
A1021 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Corn Line DP-098140-6
A1020 Presence of 4-hexylresorcinol in Cooked Crustacea
A1019 Phytosterol esters in low fat cheese
A1018 Food derived from High Oleic Acid Soybean Line DP-305423-1
A1017 Additives for Use in Low- & No-fat Milk with Added Tall Oil Phytosterols
A1016 Ammonium Chloride as a Food Additive
A1015 Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate as a Food Additive
A1014 Exclusive Use of Vegetable Oil Phytosterol Esters in Flora pro.activ® Shots
A1013 Extension of Mandatory GM Labelling Requirements
A1012 Conjugated Linoleic Acid-Rich Oil as a Novel Food
A1011 Cellulase from Penicillium funiculosum as a processing aid
A1010 Amendment to Bentonite Specification
A1009 Extension of Mandatory GM Labelling Requirements
A1007 Labelling of Foods with a Formulated Caffeinated Beverage as an Ingredient
A1006 Food derived from Herbicide-tolerant Soybean Line DP-356043-5
A1005 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Triglycerides as a Novel Food
A1004 Phospholipase A2 as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1003 Asparaginase from Aspergillus niger as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A1002 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Triglycerides as a Novel Food
A1001 Food derived from Insect-protected Corn Line MIR162
A615 Food Derived From Insect-Protected Cotton Line COT67B
A614 Food Derived From Glyphosate-Tolerant Cotton Line GHB614
A612 Maximum Residue Limits – Dimetridazole (Antibiotic)
A610 Maximum Residue Limits (July, August 2007)
A609 Addition of GOS, Long Chain Inulin to Infant Formula Products & Infant Food
A608 Maximum Residue Limits – Oxytetracycline (Antibiotic)
A607 Maximum Residue Limits (April, May, June 2007)
A606 Asparaginase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A605 Yeast Mannoproteins as a Food Additive for Wine
A604 Phytosterols in Fruit Juice & Fruit Juice Drinks
A603 Red 3 Erythrosine in Food Colouring Preparations
A602 Extraneous Residue Limit In Honey (Paradichlorobenzene)
A601 Definition of ‘wine based beverage’
A600 Agarose resin as a processing aid for beer
A599 Maximum Residue Limits (January, February, March 2007)
A597 Lutein as a nutritive substance in formulated supplementary foods for young children
A596 Vegetable oil phytosterol esters in low-fat yoghurt mini-drinks
A595 Food derived from insect-protected corn MON 89034
A594 Lutein as a nutritive substance in infant formula
A593 Labelling of Palm Oil
A592 Food derived from glyphosate-tolerant soybean MON 89788
A591 Maximum residue limits (Australia only)
A590 Maximum Residue Limits Avoparcin and Oxolinic Acid (Antibiotics)
A589 Food derived from glufosinate ammonium-tolerant rice LLRICE62
A588 Voluntary Addition of Fluoride to Packaged Water
A587 Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) for Oxytetracycline (Antibiotic)
A586 Maximum Residue Limits (July, August, September 2006)
A585 Dimethyl dicarbonate as a processing aid
A583 Country of Labelling Requirements for Unpackaged Pork Products
A582 Maximum Residue Limits (April, May, June 2006)
A580 Food derived from amylase - modified corn line 3272
A579 Country of Origin - Print size for unpackaged food in display cabinets
A578 Isomaltulose as a Novel Food
A577 Addition of Calcium to 'Sugar-free' Chewing Gum
A575 Food derived from Glyphosate- tolerant lucerne J101and J163
A574 Maximum Residue Limits (January, February, March 2006)
A573 Water use in Wine-making - Amendment to permitted level
A572 Maximum residue limits (October, November, December 2005)
A571 Prescribed name for wine products
A570 Ferric sodium EDTA as a permitted form of iron
A569 Lipase from Hansenula Polymorpha as a Processing aid (Enzyme)
A568 Maximum Residue Limits (July, August, September 2005)
A566 L-methylfolate, calcium as a permitted form of folate
A565 Nisin- extension of use as a Food Additive
A564 Food derives from insect protected corn line MIR604
A563 Medium chain Triglycerides in infant formula products
A562 Copper Citrate as a Processing Aid for Wine
A561 Phospholipase A1 as a processing aid
A560 Phytosterols in fruit juice and fruit juice drinks
A559 Maximum residue limits ( April, May, June 2005 )
A558 Maximum Residue Limits (Antibiotics)
A557 Maximum Residue Limits - Lasalocid (Antibiotic)
A556 Maximum Residue Limits (Jan Feb March 2005)
A555 Declaration of Antiodixants in Fats and Oils
A553 Food derived from Glyphosate - Tolerant Cotton line MON88913
A552 Cadmium in Peanuts
A551 Amendments to Standard 4.5.1 - Wine production
A550 Maximum Residue Limits - Sulphaquinoxaline(Antibiotic)
A549 Food derived from High Lysine Corn LY038
A548 Food Derived from Corn Rootworm & Glyphosate - Tolerant Corn MON 88017
A547 Maximum Residue Limits for agricultural and veterinary chemicals
A546 Tara Gum as a Food Additive
A545 Vegetarian labelling
A544 Ice-structuring protein as a processing aid
A543 Food from insect-protected glufosinate ammonium-tolerate corn line 59122
A542 Natamycin - extension of use as a food additive
A541 Maximum Residue Limits (June, July, August 2004).*#
A540 Steviol Glycosides as Intense Sweetners
A539 Maximum Residue Limits - Avilamycin (Antibiotic)
A538 Maximum Residue Limits - Benzocaine (Local Anaesthetic)
A537 Reduction in the energy factor assigned to Maltitol
A536 Maximum Residue Limits - Phosphine
A535 Maximum Residue Limits - Neomycin (Antibiotic)
A534 MRLs (March, April, May 2004)
A533 Food Derived from Glufosinate-Ammonium-Tolerant Cotton Line LL25
A532 Ration of Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in Infant formula products
A528 Maximum Iodine Limit in Formulated Supplementary Foods
A527 Dimethyl ether as a processing aid
A526 Maximum Residue Limits
A525 Food derived from herbicide - tolerant sugar beet H7-1
A524 Food derived from herbicide - tolerant wheat MON 71800
A522 DHA-rich micro-algal oil from Ulkenia sp. as a novel food
A521 Maximum Residue Limits - Lasalocid (Antibiotic)
A520 Maximum Residue Limits (Nov,Dec 2003)
A519 Lipase from Penicillium Roquefortii as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A518 Food derived from Insect Protected cotton line MXB-13
A517 Lipase from Mucor javanicus as a processing aid (enzyme)
A516 Lipase from Candida rugosa as a processing aid (enzyme)
A513 Octanoic Acid as a Processing Aid
A512 Definition of Meat Pies
A511 Date-marking of Canned Food
A510 Maximum Residue Limits (August, September, October 2003)
A509 Food derived from Insect Protected Cotton Line COT102
A508 Phytosterols derived from tall oils
A506 MRLS - Florfenicol (Antibiotic)
A505 Diacylglycerol oil
A503 Collagen Processing Aids
A501 Phospholipase A2 as a processing aid (enzyme)
A500 Addition of Calcium to Cereal-Based Beverages
A499 To permit the Sale of Roquefort Cheese
A497 Maximum Residue Limits
A495 Polydextrose as dietary fibre
A494 Alpha-Cyclodextrin as a Novel Food
A493 Iodine as a Processing Aid
A492 Lysophospholipase Enzyme as a Processing Aid
A491 Resistant maltodextrin as dietary fibre
A490 Exemption of allergen declaration for Isinglass
A489 Allergen Labelling on Single Serve Packaging
A487 Bromate Levels in Packaged Water
A486 Maximum Residue Limits
A485 Extension of stock - in - trade provisions for the labelling of wine
A484 'Yieldguard' Insect Protected Corn MON863
A482 Plant Proteins
A481 'LibertyLink' Glufosinate-ammonium Tolerant Soybean A2704-12 A5547-127
A480 Mandatory Declaration of the Presence of Allergenic Substances in Food
A479 NIP ALternative Formats
A478 Deletion of Certain Brassica and Leafy Vegetable MRLs for Endosulfan
A477 MRLs (Oct - Dec 2002)#
A476 Acidified Sodium Chlorite as a Processing Aid
A475 Hexose Oxidase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A474 Winemaking
A472 D-Tagatose as a Novel Food
A470 Formulated beverages
A469 To amend permissions for saccharin and cyclamate in water based flavoured drinks
A468 MRLs (June/July/August/September 2002)
A467 Alpha-Amylase As A Processing Aid (Enzyme)
A466 Food enzyme, Transglucosidase L-500
A464 Definition of the Term 'Wholegrain'
A463 Copper citrate as a processing aid in wine
A461 Maximum Residue Limits
A460 MRLs (Antibiotics)
A459 Geographic Indications to describe Spirits
A458 Glucose oxidase as a Processing Aid
A455 MRLs (Nov/Dec2001, Jan2002)
A454 Bacillus Cereus Limits in Infant Formula
A453 Trehalose as a novel food ingredient
A452 Twinsweet
A451 MRLs (Sept/Oct 2001)
A450 MRLs (July/Aug 2001)#
A448 Maximum Residue Limits - Bioresmethrin
A447 MRLs (July-Oct 2000 & Jan/Feb 2001)
A446 Insect/Glufosinate Resistant Corn line1507
A445 MRL for Ethylene Oxide
A444 Exemption from the notification requirement of food safety Standard 3.2.2 for fundraising events
A443 Irradiation of Tropical Fruit
A442 Maximum Residue Limits
A440 MRLs (April 2001 Antibiotics)
A439 Maximum Residue Limits
A438 Gamma Cyclodextrin as a Novel food ingredient/ food additive
A436 Insect Protected Cotton Event15985
A435 Triacylglycerol lipase as a procesing aid
A434 Phytosterol Esters in Low Fat Milk and Low Fat Yoghurt
A433 Phytosterol Esters in Fibre in Fibre Increased Bread and Cereal Bars
A432 Mandatory Declaration of MSG by restaurants and food outlets
A431 Maximum Residue Limits
A429 Use of hydrogen peroxide as microbiological control agent
A428 Marine microalgae as a novel food
A427 Caffeine in soft drinks
A424 Calcium in juices
A423 Uniform labelling for Joint Code
A422 Maximum Residue Limits for Antibiotics
A419 Sorbic acid in edible casings
A418 Labelling of Duty Free Spirits
A417 Tall oil non-esterified phytosterols as novel food ingredients
A416 To amend Standard A18 - Food produced using Gene Technology - Glyphosate-Tolerant Corn Line NK603
A415 Use of sodium acid sulphate
A414 Maximum Residue Limits
A413 Irradiation of Herbs and Spices
A412 Use of Ethylene oxide in herbs and spices
A411 Pasteurisation of Orange Juice
A410 Phytosterol esters
A409 Maximum Residue Limits
A407 Maximum Residue Limits
A406 Neotame (intense artificial sweetener)
A405 Maximum Residue Limits
A404 The Lactoperoxidase System
A403 BHT Residues in food
A402 Lipase from genetically modified aspergillus oryzae
A401 Maximum Residue Limits
A400 Citrus fruit coatings
A398 Maximum Residue Limits
A396 Erythrosine in preserved cherries
A395 Unit pricing of foods
A394 Formulated Caffeinated Beverages (Energy Drinks)
A393 Bromo-chloro-dimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) as a processing aid
A392 Maximum Residue Limits
A391 Sulphur Dioxide: For use in fresh cut avocados
A388 Oil from bromoxynil-tolerant canola line Westar-Oxy-235
A387 Food dervied from high oleic acid soybean lines G94-1, G94-19 and G168
A386 Insect protected, herbicide tolerant BT-11 corn
A385 Insect protected BT-176 corn
A384 Food produced using gene technology - Food from insect and virus resistant potatoes (New Leaf Y Potatoes)
A383 Food produced using gene technology - Food from insect and virus resistant potatoes ( New Leaf Plus Potatoes)
A382 Food derived from insect protected potato lines BT-06, ATBT04-31, ATBT04-36 and SPBT02-05
A380 Food protected from insect-protected and glufosinate ammonium-tolerant DBT 418 corn
A379 Bromoxynil tolerant cotton Event10211 and 10222
A378 Glyphosate tolerant sugarbeet Line77
A375 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant corn T25
A374 Maximum Residue Limits
A373 Pectinesterase as a processing aid
A372 Glufosinate ammonium tolerant canola Topas 19/2..
A371 Phytase as a processing aid
A370 Maximum Residue Limits
A369 Maximum Residue Limits
A367 Cellulose-based ion exchange resin
A363 Food produced from glyphosate-tolerant canola GT73
A362 Food derived from glyphosate-tolerant corn GA21
A360 Hemp as a novel food
A359 Labelling of alcoholic beverages with a warning statement
A357 Swiss Raw Milk Cheeses
A355 Food produced from glyphosate tolerant cotton line 1445
A350 Use Erythritol in food
A346 Food produced from insect protected corn line MON 810
A341 Oil and Linters derived from Insect Resistant Cotton
A338 Glyphosate tolerant soybean GTS 40-3-2
A338 Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean GTS 40-3-2
A277 Inulin as a dietary fibre


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