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A446 Initial Ass Exec Summary

19 September 2001




Full Report [ pdf 44kb ]


  • An application has been received from Dow AgroSciences Pty Ltd to amend the Food Standards Code to approve food derived from a corn line 1507 genetically modified to produce a Bt protein (CRY1F) that confers protection against attack by certain lepidopteran insect pests, and a PAT protein for tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium herbicide.

  • The purpose of this report is to publicly notify receipt of a new application by ANZFA. It is based on available information provided by the applicant, and is designed to assist in identifying the issues in relation to the application, the affected parties, and alternative regulatory options available. The information needed to make an assessment of this application will include information from public submissions. Public submissions are now invited on this preliminary assessment report.

  • ANZFA' s primary objective is to ensure that the proposed food or food ingredients derived from insect-protected, glufosinate-ammonium tolerant corn line 1507 are as safe as those produced from conventional varieties of corn.

Full Report [ pdf 44kb ]


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