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A1193 – Irradiation as a phytosanitary measure for all fresh fruit and vegetables

Last updated: 12 May 2021

The purpose of the application is to extend the option of phytosanitary irradiation to all types of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Approval Report - 12 May 2021(PDF 456 kb) (Word 238 kb)

Appendix 2 (PDF 635 kb) (Word 231 kb)

Appendix 3(PDF 185 kb) (Word 75.7 kb)

Appendix 4(PDF 220 kb) (Word 87.9 kb)


Call for Submissions 30 October 2020 (PDF 980 kb) | (Word 154 kb)

Supporting document - Risk and technical assessment report (PDF 1.65 mb) | (Word 4.6 mb)


Businesses, Groups, Organisations(ZIP 28.6mb)

Private Individuals (ZIP 35.5mb)

Campaign letter (PDF 109kb)

The public call for comment has closed. See Notification Circular 144-20​.



Administrative Assessment Report - 7 January 2020 ​(PDF 175 kb)(Word 64 kb)


Executive Summary (PDF 338 kb)

Application (PDF 5 mb)

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