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A1153 – Endo xylanase from T. reesei as a Processing Aid

​The purpose of the Application is to include a genetically modified strain of Trichoderma reesei as a permitted source for Endo-1,4 (3) - ß -xylanase (E.C.

Approval Report - 21 June 2018 (pdf 887 kb) | (word 139 kb)

Supporting Document 1 - 21 June 2018 - (pdf 286 kb) (word 111 kb)

Submissions (zip 2403 kb)


Call for submissions - 15 February 2018 ​(pdf 828 kb) (word 128 kb) 


Administrative Assessment Report – 29 September 2017 (pdf 187 kb) | (word 64 kb)

Application (pdf 934 kb)

Executive Summary (pdf 642 kb)










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