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A1125 – Endo β(1,4) Xylanase as a Processing Aid (Enzyme)

The purpose of the Application is to permit the use of a new enzyme sourced from Bacillus subtilis containing the gene from endo β(1,4) xylanase isolated from Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis for use as a processing aid in baked cereal products.

 Approval Report - 7 July 2017 (pdf 459 kb) | (word 139 kb)

Submissions (zip file 880 kb)

Call for submissions – 23 January 2017 (pdf 331 kb) | (word 136 kb)

Administrative Assessment Report – 2 March 2016 ​(pdf 279 kb) | (word 75 kb)

Executive Summary (pdf 252 kb)

Application (zip file 1759 kb)



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