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A1115 – Irradiation of Blueberries & Raspberries

The purpose of the Application is to seek permission to irradiate blueberries and raspberries for phytosanitary purposes against fruit flies and other critical plant pests, at levels between 150 Gray (Gy) and 1 kGy.


Approval Report 26 October 2016 (pdf 483 kb) | (word 201 kb)

Submissions (zip file 8978 kb) | Late comments (zip file 2683 kb)

Call for submissions – 29 June 2016 ​(pdf 742 kb) | (word 186 kb)

Administrative Assessment Report–  31 July 2015 ​(pdf 189 kb)(word 75 kb)

 Executive Summary (pdf 270 kb)

Application (zip file 19755 kb)




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