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All former staff from the NFA, ANZFA and FSANZ ...

On 19 August 2016, we held a enjoyable reunion afternoon, along with the cutting of the traditional anniversary celebration cake (by two former foundation staff - Julie Armstrong and Sue Harvey). Former staff and Board members mingled with current staff, with lots of reminiscing, helped along by the hundreds of pictures on display and other memorabilia from our 25 years of food standard-setting and social occasions!

Since the inception of the NFA, we have employed over 700 permanent, temporary and contract staff in Australia and New Zealand, all of who have contributed to our ongoing success and our role as a key international player in food standard-setting. Of those staff, we have had many family members working here – mothers and daughters (we don’t think we have had any fathers and sons), husbands and wives, brothers and sisters…
A number of marriages/permanent relationships have arisen from workplace romances and certain chairs (or perhaps the water) have resulted in the birth of dozens of babies – but none yet actually on the premises!
We have:
  • completed the assessment of over 700 applications
  • completed the assessment of over 360 proposals
  • gazetted 705 amendments to the Code arising from those applications and proposals
  • completed 2 major reviews of the Code – one to create the historic joint Code between Australia and New Zealand and one more recently to revise the structure of Chapters 1 and 2
  • had our 50th Board member (from NZ) recently appointed
  • had 3 names to reflect our changing role in food standard-setting.




  Valé Gae Pincus

We received word the day before our anniversary that our founding Chair/CEO, Gae Pincus had passed away on 7 August. Gae had the difficult and time-consuming task of guiding, and at some times, pushing the fledgling standard-setting agency to meet the high and differing expectations of government and other stakeholders at that time. In addition, the agency was committed to undertake a major review of the policy underpinning Australian food standards – a no small feat considering the tangle of competing priorities.

Gae is remembered by staff who worked with her as a woman of high intellect, who gave her all to achieve what she believed in. She demanded the same commitment from everyone else. This inevitably led to tension with the competing challenges the NFA faced. Despite on-going ill-health, but with the support of a very small Board of 4 part-time members, Gae set up systems to meet those challenges which held the agency in good stead in following years.
Gae resigned from the NFA on 18 March 1995, but her pioneering vision of a combined Australia NZ food authority with a joint Code was fulfilled on 1 July 1996 with the foundation of the then Australia New Zealand Food Authority and on 20 December 2000 with gazettal of the joint Code. 

Enjoy the following photos from the event:

Craig Jamieson - Iron (Pastry) Chef


Julie Armstrong and Sue Harvey (foundation staff)

Anniversary cake

Fiona Matthews, Robyn Cleland, Mary-Lou Dalzell, Rob Keane, Julie Boorman


Janine Lewis (foundation staff and still at FSANZ) and former Board member, Peter Williams


Chris Preston, Les Bienkiewicz, John Hall and Janis Baines (still at FSANZ)

Narelle Marro and Wanda Oram-Miles

Sarah Macarthur, Catherine Whitby and Saffron Urbaniak


Melanie Fisher, John Astridge, Jenny Hazelton and Fiona Matthews

Les Bienkiewicz, Cathie Humphries (still at FSANZ) and Steve McCutcheon (FSANZ CEO)


Steve McCutcheon (FSANZ CEO), John Hall and Chris Preston



Sandra Buick, Sarah Wylie and Julie Crimmins

Derek Castles, Gillian Duffy, Vicki Hubber, Jamie Conlan, Shelley Corkery and Leise Berven


Sue Harvey and Elizabeth Flynn

Saffron Urbaniak, Amy Welham and Lucinda Barlow

Deon Mahoney can still fit into the famous tea towel suit!

There are still T-shirts around with Simon Brooke-Taylor's winning design!

Former Board member, Elaine Attwood

15th anniversary photo montage



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