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FSANZ Board Statement of Risk Appetite

Understanding the environment in which FSANZ operates, including the potential risks, helps us build a sensible path towards our goals. We need to effectively manage risks to make the most of opportunities, manage threats, foster confidence and achieve our purpose.

Our Strategic Focus

The FSANZ Board has set three key focus areas for the agency in 2020-21.

A trusted leader

  • A trusted source of advice on food safety and food-related public health
  • A leader in its areas of expertise
  • Leaders in regulatory science in the region
  • A source of wisdom on emerging risks.

Deeply engaged with stakeholders

  • Enhanced engagement with our domestic and international stakeholders.

An independent contributor to a robust and agile food regulatory system

  • Effective and efficient
  • Provider of expert evidence into risk analysis and policy making processes
  • Maintaining its role in national response within Australia.

Our Risk Appetite Statement (available below) summarises our tolerance for risk in each of a whole range of activities undertaken. The risk appetite statement is dynamic and will be reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with FSANZ's planning cycle.

Download: Revised Risk Appetite Statement (pdf 398 KB) | (word 74.7 KB) 

Page last updated: January 2022


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