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​Australian Public Service employee census 2021

​​The APS Employee Census is an annual survey conducted since 2012. It is used to collect confidential attitude and opinion information from APS employees on important issues in the workplace such as leadership, communication and change, workplace conditions, inclusion and innovation. It is administered to all

APS employees and is an opportunity for employees to tell the Australian Public Service Commissioner and Agency heads what they think about working in the APS.

In continuing our commitment to open and transparent reporting we have released the FSANZ survey results.

APS Employee Census 2021 - FSANZ Highlights Report

Key findings​

75% of employees participated in the census in the 2021 survey, which is comparable to previous years and other APS agencies.

We continued to receive above average responses in areas such as:

  • Leadership - supervisors
  • Communication and Change – change consultation and communication
  • Inclusion – supporting and promoting an inclusive workplace culture
  • Workplace conditions – benefits and choice in how I do my work
  • Workgroup performance – overall performance

Some areas received decreases from above average responses in the previous census.  

​Moving forward

Moving forward, we want to commit ourselves to maintaining positive aspects. In addition to working on elements that improve the experience of staff. Our priorities include:

  • continuing our FSANZ cultural work to ensure our workplace culture scores remain high
  • continue to implement our Workforce Strategy
  • promoting health and wellbeing aspects
  • providing a platform for staff to come up with new or better ways of doing things
  • ensuring staff continue to feel safe and encouraged to report unacceptable behaviour if it occurs​​



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