A1183 Int Stevia Council_Redacted226531/27/2020 11:23:51 PMis a global trade association representing the stevia industry, including stevia leaf growers and producers, stevia extracts and steviol glycosides producers, users 111
A1183 Application to Amend the Specifications for Rebaudioside E - June 11'19_Redacted2333111/28/2019 10:10:45 PMthe food additive; C. Information on the safety of the food additive; and, D. Information facilitate the transfer of glucose to purified stevia leaf extract via glycosidic bonds 445
A1176 Application document_Redacted132468/25/2019 10:14:40 PMand/or  Reb D Content Produced by Enzymatic Conversion of Reb A from Stevia Leaf  Extract the food additive;  C. Information on the safety of the food additive; and  D. Information 558
A1108 submissions120188/10/2015 11:39:32 PMhighly commend FSANZ for approval of stevia leaf extract with larger number of steviol Sources (ANS); Scientific Opinion on safety of steviol glycosides for the proposed uses as 56
A1176 Executive Summary131233/15/2019 1:52:14 AMpurified reb A and/or stevioside from stevia leaf extract are intended for use as natural purified reb A and/or stevioside from stevia leaf extract are produced in accordance with 276
A1172 Application_Redacted131084/4/2019 2:54:54 AMD Manufactured via Bioconversion of  Stevia Leaf Extract  SweeGen, Inc.  3 October 2018  3  C.  INFORMATION RELATED TO THE SAFETY OF THE FOOD ADDITIVE 460
Steviol glycosides (960) (intense sweetener)165367/7/2019 11:06:34 AMUser guides to the Food Standards Monitoring the safety of the food supply purified from the South American plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (stevia) but can also be produced using 10230
A1132 ExecSummary129525/20/2016 4:45:07 AMglycosides that have been identified in the Stevia rebaudiana plant has now increased to it was deemed appropriate to extend the safety conclusions for steviol glycosides to all 329
A1172 Executive Summary1311310/4/2018 1:13:56 AMthe transfer of glucose molecules to purified  stevia leaf extract via glycosidic bonds in the S. rebaudiana leaf and the safety of all steviol  glycosides was reviewed by FSANZ 110
A1172 Reb D SD1 at Approval132326/25/2019 4:15:08 AM10 3 SAFETY ASSESSMENT uses hot water extraction of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (stevia) leaf, followed by purification and 166

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