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NUTTAB 2010 electronic database files

The NUTTAB 2010 electronic database files contain approximately 2190 foods and up to 195 nutrient values for each food. The electronic database files are provided in .txt and .tab formats and are targeted at those who want to be able to put the data into their own software and manipulate it for a specific purpose.

The NUTTAB 2010 electronic database files comprise six core files relating to foods and their nutrients. Of most interest are the three nutrient fileswhich contain nutrient data for all foods within the publication. There are also files containing ancillary information on each food, such as the food’s common and scientific name, a description of the food, and information about the sample origin (including date and place of purchase where relevant) etc. for all foods contained in the NUTTAB 2010 publication. Files relating to recipe foods and retention factors have also been included.
Food file – contains background information relating to each food such as the food description, derivation, optional name and scientific name
Nutrient Files – three separate files that contain nutrient data for each food, with the nutrient data provided in three different formats
Recipe file– contains information on the ingredients used to derive recipe foods
Retention factor file– contains information about nutrient retention factors for foods that have been processed by heating, cooking etc
We have also generated some additional data files (in Microsoft Excel™) for specific foods and nutrients. Nutrient data files for vitamin D, amino acids (including some original tryptophan values) and trans fatty acids have been provided separately, due to the limited data available for these nutrients and, for vitamin D, concerns about the currently available analytical methods and results. Likewise, data on Indigenous foods have been provided in a separate Indigenous foods data file.
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