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United States May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Big Sky, Montana, United States of America.
The APEC FSCF held its third meeting and associated suite of events from 13 – 18 May 2011 in the margins of the APEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM2), Big Sky, Montana, United States of America.
Co-Chaired by Australia and China, the APEC FSCF events were highly successful, with strong engagement from 19 out of 21 APEC member economies.
This suite of events built on the work already undertaken by the FSCF since its establishment in 2007. Specifically, the meeting aimed to:
  • reaffirm the FSCF key principles and directions, including agreement on a revised set of Operating Principles
  • review key FSCF documents including the Food Safety Capacity Building Priorities
  • review progress made and outcomes achieved in relation to the goals of the FSCF as well as the FSCF 2009 recommendations, including progress made and outcomes achieved in the FSCF PTIN capacity building initiative
  • present significant successes and challenges experienced in working towards meeting the FSCF goals and 2009 recommendations
  • determine key forward directions and recommendations for the FSCF to advance regulatory cooperation to improve food safety and facilitate trade from 2011–2013.
For the FSCF 2011 meeting, we invited senior food regulatory officials with significant influence and decision-making responsibilities regarding food safety, from all APEC member economies. In addition, regional and international organisations with a key interest in advancing food safety were welcome. Industry participants were also very welcome to attend the meeting as part of their government delegation, with the permission of their APEC member economy Delegation Leader.


The FSCF PTIN food safety incident management workshop  

This workshop was organised and implemented by FSANZ and involved approximately 100 delegates from a range of government, industry, academic and other organisations.

A series of presentations were outlining ‘best practice’ approaches and ongoing challenges for incident management.

One of the key recommendations was to establish the APEC FSCF Food Safety Incident Network.

FSCF PTIN steering group meeting

The FSCF PTIN steering group reviewed and endorsed a range of activities that have been undertaken or proposed for the future. All outcomes of this meeting were forwarded to the FSCF for endorsement.

FSCF PTIN Roundtable

The event involved approximately 100 members of the FSCF PTIN network from a range of government, industry, academic and other organisations. The group discussed the successes of the FSCF PTIN to date and provided input on the future direction of the FSCF PTIN. 

The 3rd meeting of the APEC FSCF

This event built on the work already undertaken by the FSCF since its establishment in 2007.


Delegates welcomed the progress that has been made since the establishment of the FSCF across a range of areas.


Progress was notable, particularly in: raising the profile of food safety in the region; improving communication and information sharing, including the establishment of the FSCF and PTIN websites; providing a range of capacity building activities in areas of high priority; and advancing food safety standards and systems.

Signing of APEC/World Bank Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

To build on the good working relationship that had been established with the World Bank, an MOU was signed between the FSCF Co-Chairs and the World Bank, focussing on collaboration on food safety capacity building in the APEC region.

Outcome documents from APEC FSCF Meeting, May 2011

  • The Big Sky Statement [ pdf 103 k]
  • The revised FSCF Operating Principles [ word 63k | pdf 122k]
  • FSCF Food Safety Capacity Building Priorities [ word 59k | pdf 126k]
  • Review of Progress Made Since the Establishment of the APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum, with Proposed Key Directions and Recommendations for the Future [ word 189k | pdf 188 kb]
  • Outcome Report of the Food Safety Incident Management Workshop [ word 40k | pdf 72k]
  • A Conceptual Framework and Strategy for Improving Food Safety in APEC [word 77k | pdf 172k]
  • Revised FSCF Record of Activities and Implementation Plan 2007-2013 [word 151k | pdf 248k]
  • FSCF Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN) Progress Report [word 130k | pdf 188k]
  • Report of the FSCF PTIN Laboratory Capacity Building Project to be held in 2011-13 [ word 40k | pdf k]
  • Revised FSCF PTIN Terms of Reference [ word 191k | pdf 121k]
  • World Bank Discussion Paper - Taking Food Safety Capacity Building for the Asia Pacific Region to the Next Level [ word 76k | pdf 88k]
  • Case Study on the Progress of APEC Member Economies in Responding to the Goals of the FSCF/Annex 1 [ word 41k | pdf 215k] Annex [ word 448k | pdf 188k]
  • Discussion Paper on Recognition of Maximum Residue Limits in the APEC region [ word 59k | pdf 120k]
  • Report on the APEC FSCF Export Certificate Project [ word 28k | pdf 14k]


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