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Chemical and microbiological liaison groups

FSANZ is a member of the International Food Chemical Safety Liaison Group (IFCSLG) and the International Microbiological Food Safety Liaison Group (IMFSLG). These groups allow staff in agencies involved in the risk assessment, management and communication of food chemical safety/ microbial food safety to discuss and collaborate on issues. This process fosters understanding and agreement on issues and contributes to improved food safety.

Members of IFCSLG/ IMFSLG discuss and share information on:

  • current research and data gathering efforts associated with selected chemicals/ pathogens in foods (this can also help members fill data gaps in their evidence base)
  • risk assessment approaches, risk management options, and risk communication
  • guidance for consumers and the food industry on the occurrence of chemicals/pathogens in food
  • data generation activities, to avoid duplication of effort

The microbiological and chemical liaison groups have representatives from:

  • ​The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency
  • Health Canada’s Food Directorate (with participation from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as warranted)
  • United States Food and Drug Administration; Center for Food Safety and Nutrition
  • Food Safety Commission Japan
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • The European Food Safety Authority
  • The European Commission (IFCSLG only)
  • New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries
  • French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Food Safety Authority of Ireland (IMFSLG only).

IFCSLG and IMFSLG meet approximately 2-4 times per year. Some of the issues raised at recent meetings include arsenic, acrylamide, bisphenol A, endocrine disruptors and caffeine (IFCSLG), and Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods and foodborne viruses (norovirus, hepatitis A and E viruses) (IMFSLG). 


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