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Science publications

(July 2017)

FSANZ publishes a range of scientific publications. Links to some publications are below. Publications can also be accessed via the publications section.

For information on other publications click on the headings below:

Our science

For information on the process FSANZ uses to undertake its risk analysis, see the Risk Analysis in Food Regulation publication.

Risk assessments and safety assessments

Risk assessmentsand safety assessmentsare usually prepared to support an application or proposal to change to the Food Standards Code. If you are looking for a specific risk assessment orsafety assessmentand the broader piece of work they contribute to, please visit the relevant application or proposal page.

Some recent risk assessments, safety assessments and associated documents are linked below:

Trans fatty acids

Primary production and processing standards for meat and meat products

Hydrocyanic acid in apricot kernels and other foods

Conjugated linoleic acid triglycerides as a novel food


Infant formula

Antibiotic use in New Zealand apples


FSANZ reports on its monitoring and survey activities and a list of food surveys can be found on the food surveillance page.

The Australian Total Diet Study assesses consumers’ intake to pesticide residues, contaminants and other substances. The survey is conducted approximately every two years.

The Ministry for Primary Industries publishes the New Zealand Total Diet Study.

Responses to studies

Technical reports

Social science

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has published a range of social science research and literature reviews. These studies and reviews are often prepared to support an application or proposal to change the Food Standards Code, or to better understand consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviours in relation to food labelling and consumption.

View FSANZ social science research reviews ​​


Evaluation report series

The results of a number of evaluation activities conducted by FSANZ as part of the Evaluation Strategy 2001-2003 and Evaluation Strategy 2004-2008 have been published as part of the Evaluation Report Series.

International Food Risk Analysis Journal

FSANZ is the co-editor of the International Food Risk Analysis Journal, targeted towards food safety and nutrition regulators, public health officials, and food industry experts.

An important piece of work published in this journal and authored by past and present FSANZ staff is:

  • Folic Acid, Selected Cancers and All-Cause Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. International Food Risk Analysis Journal.

Published papers and book chapters

FSANZ staff (past and present) have authored many peer reviewed, published papers, and have also been recognised for their contribution to book chapters. Access the papers and book chapters here.

Scientific posters

FSANZ staff often present scientific papers or posters at conferences providing broader opportunity for discussion and debate on FSANZ’s scientific output. See our posters here.



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