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Appendix 7 - Consultants

Consultancies worth $10,000 or more carried out in FSANZ in 2016–17

Reason for use

A—skills currently unavailable within agency
B—need for specialised or professional skills
C—need for independent research or assessment

Selection process

Sole provider
Part of an existing contract
Selective tender
Open tender

Consultant Nature of Consultancy Amount – excl. GST Reason for use A/B/C Selection process
AKC Consulting Pty ltd APEC import MRL Guideline for Pesticides $11,050 B, C Sole provider
AccessHQ User testing of website $27,200 C Panel
University of Technology Sydney DCE report as part of a project to estimate the annual cost of foodborne illness in Australia, circa 2010 $20,454 A Sole provider
University of Adelaide Online survey of caregivers in Australia and New Zealand in relation to infant formula $32,727 B, C Sole provider
Adelaide Research and Innovation (ARI) Final payment for focus group and eye-tracking research with caregivers in relation to infant formula $17,721 B, C Sole provider
Aust National Audit Office (ANAO) Audit Financial Statements $33,000 B Sole Provider
Australian National University (ANU) Contribution to NHMRC partnership project on Campylobacter attribution $20,000 C Part of an existing contract
Australian Government Solicitor Legal services $48,500 B Panel
Linda R Scott & Associates Pty Ltd Coaching of staff $22,891 A/B Sole provider
National Measurement Institute (NMI) 26th Australian Total Diet Study (ATDS) $150,000 A/B Sole provider
National Measurement Institute (NMI) Key foods nutrient analytical program $47,185 A/B Sole provider
Nous Group Pty Ltd Undertake Strategic alignment review $65,454 B, C Panel
Quality Medication Care Pty Ltd (QMC) Pharmacokinetic modelling on perfluorinated compounds $25,000 A, C Sole provider
Sapere Research Group Limited Review of Standards Management System $30,610 B Selective tender
Searchlight Group Pty Ltd CEO Recruitment $14,928 B Selective tender
Toxconsult Pty Ltd Review of the immunotoxicity of perfluorinated compounds $10,000 B Sole provider
Wardy IT Solutions Redevelopment of FSANZ’s food composition (Silo) and enhancement of dietary exposure (Harvest) capabilities $163,265 A/B Pre-qualified tender


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