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Code of Practice on Nutrient Claims

(January 1995)

The Code of Practice on Nutrient Claims in Food Labels and in Advertisements (CoPoNC) is administered by the Australian Food and Grocery Council and applies to all Australian food industry firms which are signatories. The objective of CoPoNC is to provide a basis for voluntary self-regulation of nutrient claims by the food industry. CoPoNC establishes conditions under which claims can be made in relation to fat, saturated fat, sugar, fibre, cholesterol, salt and energy. It also provides conditions for the use of the terms light, lite and diet. While there is no legal obligation to comply with CoPoNC, food manufacturers who are signatories to CoPoNC are expected to comply.

It should be noted that although CoPoNC is still being used, the issue of claims regulation is an area of work currently under consideration. Therefore, elements in this document may be superseded by specific claims regulation in the future.

Download the Code of Practice on Nutrient Claims (pdf 87kb)


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