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Consumer warning on sports supplements

Date: 18/06/2012

Australia only

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today issued a warning about supplementary sports foods containing an ingredient known as DMAA.

FSANZ is working with state and territory government agencies and departments to investigate a range of products following complaints from consumers and some adverse health reports linked to products containing DMAA or 1,3-dimethylamylamine.

FSANZ Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Melanie Fisher, said the products were typically used as a pre-workout supplement.

“The New South Wales Food Authority has tested 12 of these products and 11 have tested positive for DMAA,” Ms Fisher said.

“DMAA has been linked in other countries with various adverse health effects including high blood pressure and vomiting and there have been a couple of adverse health reports in Australia,” Ms Fisher said.

“Regulatory agencies are working together to assess the products’ safety and are currently seeking the assistance of retailers; importers and distributors on a withdrawal of the products.”

The Federal Department of Health and Ageing is looking at whether DMAA should become a prohibited substance and has sought advice from the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling, which is meeting later this month where this issue will be urgently discussed.

“Consumers that have purchased the sports food products listed below should not consume the product and discard it,” Ms Fisher said.

If you have consumed these products and are concerned about your health please seek medical advice.

Update - 11 July 2012

Therapeutic Goods Administration's interim decision on DMAA

More information

Brands testing positive for DMAA: Noxpump; 3-D explosion; Beta-Cret; PreSurge; 1 MR; Cyroshock; Jack3D; Mesomorph; Neurocore; Oxyelite powder; Hemo Rage Black.

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DAFF Biosecurity Imported Food Notice

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FSANZ: 0401 714 265 (Australia) or +61 401 714 265 (from New Zealand) or email

Department of Health and Ageing - Kay McNiece 0412 132 585


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