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Notified food-health relationships to make a health claim

Standard 1.2.7 requires a person who is self-substantiating a food-health relationship in order to make a general level health claim to notify the Chief Executive Officer of FSANZ of the relationship before making a claim on food labels or in advertisements for food.

The person notifying must certify that the food-health relationship has been established by systematic review in accordance with Standard 1.2.7. Read more about notifications.

The list below is a record of food-health relationships that have been notified to FSANZ.

Disclaimer: FSANZ cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of any information contained in the list of notified food-health relationships. FSANZ is not responsible for the enforcement of Standard 1.2.7 and does not assess compliance of the notified food-health relationships. Our role is only to administer the notification process. Publication by FSANZ does not indicate acceptance, approval or validation of the notified food-health relationship. Any concerns about the content of this list should be directed to an enforcement agency. Read the list of agencies and departments responsible for enforcement

Please note general level health claims based on notified food-health relationships may or may not be on food products in the market place.


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Food or property of food: BarleyMax barley prebiotics
Health effect:The effect of prebiotic fructans on stool frequency in humans support digestive health
Business:Freedom Foods Pty Ltd
80 Box Road 
Taren Point 
NSW 2229
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Food or beverage containing spores of bacillus coagulans > or = 500million per serve
Health effect:Inclusion of spores of bacillus coagulans in beverages promotes good gut health
Business:Nexba Beverages Pty Ltd
Nexba Beverage Co. 
Suite 605, 
275 Alfred Street, 
North Sydney, 2060
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Protein
Health effect:Helps reduce feelings of hunger/helps increase feelings of fullness
Business:Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd
109 Fanshawe Street, 
New Zealand
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Protein
Health effect:Normal growth and development of children aged 1 to 3 years
Business:Nestle Oceania
1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes, NSW 2138. Australia
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: BARLEYmax barley prebiotics
Health effect:Support digestive health
Business:The Healthy Grain P/L
The Healthy Grain P/L
17/25 Claremont Street
South Yarra
Victoria 3141
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Hazelnuts
Health effect:contributes to heart health without causing weight gain
Business:Tamar Valley Hazelnuts
43 Turkey Farm Rd
Glengarry TAS 7275
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Cranberry products that meet or exceed a “Cranberry Fruit Equivalency” of 50 whole fresh cranberries
Health effect:contributing to the maintenance and support of urinary tract health by reducing bacterial adhesion
Business:Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Level 10, Suite 1, 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia,
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Low Glycemic Index
Health effect:Promotes feeling of fullness & Provides sustained energy
Unit 1/ Level 1
85 O'Riordan Street
Alexandria NSW 2015
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Hydrolysed Collagen / Collagen peptides
Health effect:Contributes to/Helps/reduce/-tion/the appearance of wrinkles/Contributes to/Helps/to/support/the/smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines within 8 weeks
Business:Love Your Skin Within Pty Ltd
49 Chetwynd Street 
North Melbourne
VIC Australia 3051
Notification Date:
Food or property of food: Fibre from grains
Health effect:Promotes the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, which supports a positive change in the intestinal microbiota
Business:Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
41-51 Wentworth Avenue
Pagewood NSW 2035
Notification Date:
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