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​The Looking After Our Kids and Looking After Delivered Meals resources were developed under the guidance of the Food Regulation Standing Committee’s Implementation Sub-Committee.

Please note the information contained in these resources may not be current as these resources predate Standard 3.3.1, which now requires businesses that provide meals for vulnerable people in our community who are at greater risk of foodborne illness, such as the very young and the elderly, to have a documented food safety program.

The Commonwealth and the State and Territory Governments provide no warranty that the information contained in these resources is correct or complete for an individual or business operation.

The onus is upon the individual or business operation to ensure compliance with relevant food legislation. It is recommended that you seek guidance from your local food authority to ensure that all local requirements are met.

Looking after our kids

Video Part 1 | Part 2

Looking after delivered meals

Publication (PDF 10.3 mb)




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