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Multimedia resources

Recalling food in Australia - a video for industry on how to recall unsafe food from the marketplace.

Videos are also available on our YouTube channel.

Translated videos are available in Arabic, Cantonese, Korean, Maori, Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese.

Food safety videos


BBQ tips


Cooler tips

Food preparation tips

Fridge tips

Hand washing tips

Food recalls

no audio available

Pregnancy and food videos


Folic acid and pregnancy

Iodine and pregnancy

Eating well for a pregnancy: tips to get enough folic acid and iodine

Listeria and pregnancy

Mercury in fish

How to read food labels


Healthy eating

Food allergens

Nutrition panels

Use by and best before dates

Ingredients list, percentage labelling and additives

Understanding food labels

no audio available

New technology and food

Novel foods no audio available

Genetically modified food no audio available

Nanotechnology and food video

no audio available




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