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Honey labelling and composition

FSANZ is aware of the concerns about imported honey products.

All food imported into Australia must meet the requirements of the Food Standards Code. There are a number of requirements in the Code that apply to honey, including compositional requirements.

Under the Code honey is a prescribed name. Food sold as ‘honey’ must:    

  1. be honey; and
  2. contain:
    1. no less than 60% reducing sugars; and
    2. no more than 21% moisture.

Country of origin labelling requirements also apply to honey sold in Australia.

New country of origin labelling requirements came into effect on 1 July 2016 and these requirements are now the responsibility of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, not FSANZ. However, there is a two-year transition period to give businesses time to manage the changes. During this period current requirements apply.

Under current requirements, the Food Standards Code sets out country of origin labelling requirements e.g. what has to have country of origin labelling, but the laws about what kinds of claims can be made (e.g. “made in”) are contained in Australian Consumer Law.

Businesses must continue to comply with the country of origin labelling requirements in the Food Standards Code until 1 July 2018, unless they choose to voluntarily adopt the Australian Consumer Law Standard earlier.

Australian Consumer Law may also apply to any product labelled in a misleading or deceptive way. You can read more about misleading and deceptive conduct on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website.

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