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Coffee products containing drugs

(18 July 2011)

FSANZ today warned people not to consume food products claiming to enhance sexual performance as they may contain analogues of the drug Viagra.

Analysis by government authorities has shown two coffee products —‘Sexpresso’ and ‘Rock Hard’ — contain analogues of sildenafil (Viagra), which is not declared on the label. It is not permitted for therapeutic drugs or their analogues to be added to food.

Analogues of drugs are similar in chemical make up to the original drug but elements have been changed. These analogues, like any drugs can interact with prescription medicines and may be dangerous, particularly for people with certain health conditions. However it is not known what the potential side effects and risks of consuming products containing these analogues may be.

State and territory food enforcement agencies are currently investigating the products, which are being sold as an instant coffee product, and have been available on the internet and in adult shops.

Consumers who are using this product should stop taking it immediately and speak to a doctor if they are experiencing side effects.

There have been several instances in the past six months in which food products have been recalled because they contained prescription medicines.

Consumers should be cautious of food products that make claims about treating physical conditions. They should speak to their doctor before taking these products as even natural products can interfere with prescription medicines.

Consumers can report suspicious food products to their local food enforcement authority in their state or territory.


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