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Information for government organisations

Government agencies play an important role in managing food allergies, whether by developing and enforcing regulations; developing policy in response to an identified need; or working with stakeholders in forums like the Allergen Collaboration.

The Allergen Collaboration has agreed to a number of key messages regarding governments’ role in managing food allergens. These are listed below.

  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand is working with industry, consumer organisations and relevant government agencies to ensure people with allergies have the information they need to make informed choices.
  • Government agencies across Australia and New Zealand provide advice to industry on the requirements of the Food Standards Code.
  • The Food Standards Code requires information about key allergens to be declared on the label of packaged food, or accessible to consumers.

Below are some links to government resources relating to food allergens.

Useful links

Further resources can be found on state and territory and New Zealand government websites.

Concerns regarding compliance can be referred to these government agencies; their contact information is available from:   



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