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P1050 – Pregnancy warning labels on alcoholic beverages

(July 2019)

​The key focus of Proposal P1050 is the design of a mandatory pregnancy warning label for packaged alcoholic beverages. The warning label will include a pictogram and a statement as recommended in the policy advice provided to FSANZ.

The warning label will be designed to reflect Australian and New Zealand government advice that women who are pregnant should not consume any alcohol.

Read more about the background of this proposal

Administrative Assessment (pdf 222 kb) | (word 63 kb)

Timelines for P1050 have been adjusted to accommodate consumer testing and are set out below.

​Consumer testing

June - September 2019

​Public consultation - call for submissions (includes drafting of proposed warning label)

Early October to late October 2019

​FSANZ Board consideration

​Early December 2019

​Notification to Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation

​Late December 2019 (subject to FSANZ Board consideration)

​Anticipated gazettal if no review is requested by the Forum

​April 2020


Consumer testing

FSANZ is reviewing existing evidence on the design of warning labels, including evidence on features that attract consumer attention. Because there is considerable evidence on these features (e.g. typography, colour) they won't be consumer tested.

However to add to the evidence base, FSANZ is designing a study that will test consumer understanding of options for statement wording, presented with a pictogram.

The consumer testing will involve an online survey in both Australia and New Zealand. Women of child bearing age will be a key target group in the survey.

The study methodology has been reviewed by a Human Research Ethics Committee for consistency with the NHMRC's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

The study findings will be included in the call for submissions report, which is expected to be released in October 2019.

This page will be updated as work progresses. If you are interested in participating in the public consultation please email


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