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P1030 – Composition and labelling of electrolyte drinks

(December 2017)

The purpose of this Proposal is to undertake an assessment of the compositional and labelling requirements for electrolyte drinks.

The name of this Proposal has changed to reflect a narrowed scope in response to submissions opposed to the
self-substantiation of health claims for electrolyte drinks. FSANZ has liaised with key stakeholders on a new approach to this work and is now revisiting the definition and purpose of electrolyte drinks and undertaking a scientific assessment of the evidence on their composition and efficacy.

If the outcome of this work supports consideration of a possible new electrolyte drink – health relationship, a proposal prepared according to the High Level Health Claims Variation procedure in the FSANZ Act could be considered in place of assessment of the two health claims authorised in the European Union.

See the FSANZ Work Plan for further details.

Submissions (zip file 18637 kb) | Late comments ( zip file 2431 kb)

Call for submissions - 18 August 2014 ​(pdf 713 kb) (word 147 kb)

Administrative Assessment Report - 21 February 2014 ​(pdf 155 kb) | (word 63 kb)


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