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Applying to change the Code

Application inquiries must be directed to the Standards Management Officer by email to or telephone: +61 2 6271 2280.

Applicants are strongly advised to consult with FSANZ before submitting an application to ensure that the application contains all the necessary information relevant to the proposed variation to the Code. This can be done via teleconference, video link or at a face-to-face meeting. Please contact the Standards Management Officer to make arrangements.

Applicants must ensure that their applications meet any requirements laid out in the relevant guidelines set out in Part 3 of the Application Handbook.

Publication of applications

All applications and submissions are published online, where possible. Supporting documents for applications will be released with the first assessment report. Large documents may be unavailable due to file size restrictions. In these cases, contact to organise a CD to be sent to you. Visit our Information Publication Scheme page for more information.

Information requirements for an application

Applications must contain the information specified in the relevant parts of Part 3 of the Application Handbook.

For further details regarding the use of Part 3, please refer to Section 1.4 – Navigating the Application Handbook.

For further details in relation to the data quality, please refer to Section 3.1.5 – Information to support the Application.


FSANZ does not charge a fee for the assessment of an application unless either:

  • FSANZ determines that an applicant has an exclusive capturable commercial benefit (ECCB); or
  • an applicant wishes work to start on the assessment immediately, rather than according to the anticipated timeframes established as part of the Administrative Assessment.

See Part 2.1.4 of the Application Handbook for further information.

Community involvement and consultation during the assessment process

Community involvement is a vital part of the standards development process. Public consultation is a two-way process. To consult effectively, we need to provide stakeholders with the necessary information about the processes and issues pertinent to each application and proposal. Read more about how we involve in the community in our work.

Statutory timeframes

The FSANZ Act and the associated Regulation require FSANZ to make its decisions relating to applications within stipulated periods of time, depending on the Procedure into which an application has been placed. See Part 2 of the Application Handbook.

Useful links

Amendments to the Application Handbook

FSANZ’s cost recovery arrangements

Statutory Declaration (PDF 13 KB)

Request for a meeting to discuss a draft application (PDF 129 kb) | (Word 56 kb)

Request for comments on a draft application (PDF 128 kb) | (Word 56 kb)




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