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Amendments to the Application Handbook

(5 January 2016)

All applications to amend the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code are required to include certain minimum information set out in guidelines made under section 23 of the FSANZ Act. FSANZ is able to reject an application if it does not meet the mandatory format and information requirements.  

These guidelines are consolidated into Part 3 of the FSANZ Application Handbook

Parts 1 and 2 of the Handbook contain useful information for potential applicants, including on FSANZ’s assessment processes, cost recovery and confidentiality.

If FSANZ intends to make any amendments to Part 3 of the Handbook, including the development of new guidelines, these are always released for consultation with our stakeholders, prior to finalisation.

Amendment No. 7 – 2016

Following a call for submissions from October – December 2015, FSANZ has made widespread amendments to Part 3 of the Handbook.

Most of the changes were technical in nature and included:

  • correction of typographical errors
  • amending terminology to ensure consistency
  • reducing duplication of text
  • changing references to standards in the current Code to standards and schedules in the revised Code which takes effect on 1 March 2016
  • moving text from notes where that text was considered to included mandatory requirements
  • clarifying the nature and extent of information that is required from applicants, particularly in the guideline (3.5.1) for applications for food produced from gene technology.

Guideline 3.5.1 has been substantially updated to reflect recent scientific developments, improve clarity and transparency, remove superfluous requirements and to introduce a more streamlined form of safety assessment approach for those products which are known through prior knowledge, evidence and experience to be lower risk.

As the proposed amendments were wide-ranging and affected every guideline, Part 3 in its entirety has been repealed and replaced. The new version of Part 3 takes effect on 1 March 2016. All applications on or after this date must comply with this new version.
FSANZ has also amended Parts 1 and 2 of the Handbook. Many of the amendments are technical in nature and involve such matters as amending terminology to ensure consistency, and reducing duplication of text. A major addition relates to information on GM applications which replaces the FSANZ document Safety assessment of genetically modified foods and includes information which reflects recent scientific developments and changes to GM food safety assessment practices within FSANZ.

Call for submissions (October 2015)

FSANZ has responded to the comments made in submissions on the amendments as proposed (pdf 240 kb) | (word 78 kb)

Submissions (zip file 1044 kb)

Call for submissions and draft explanatory statement (pdf 200 kb) | (word 108 kb)

Previous amendments and related documents can be accessed here



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