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Organisation chart

(Current as at February 2017)

Download the FSANZ organisation chart (PDF 676kb)​




Text version 

  • Chief Executive Officer (Canberra Office)
  • General Manager, Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs Branch (Canberra Office)
    - Food Safety and Response
    - Office of Legal Counsel
    - Regulatory Affairs and Parliamentary
    - Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
    - Chief Operations Officer
  • General Manager, Food Information, Science and Technology Branch
    (Canberra Office)
    - Chief Public Health Nutrition Advisor
    - Food Data Analysis
    - Scientific Strategy, International and Surveillance
    - Chief Information Officer
  • General Manager, Risk and Regulatory Assessment Branch (Canberra Office)
    - Risk Assessment, Chemical Safety and Nutrition
    - Risk Assessment Biological Sciences
    - Behavioural and Regulatory Analysis
  • General Manager, Food Standards Branch (Wellington Office)
    - Labelling and Information Standards
    - Product Safety Standards
    - Public Health Nutrition Standards
    - Chief Finance Officer


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