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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Foods imported into Australia are subject to requirements under the Quarantine Act 1908 and the Imported Food Control Act 1992, which are implemented by the Department of Agriculture. The food standards applied under the Imported Food Control Act 1992 are those set down in the Code.

In addition to the role of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources at the border in relation to imported foods, state and territory food enforcement agencies are responsible for enforcing the requirements of the Code for all food available for sale within their jurisdiction, including both imported and domestically produced food.

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Contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ for inquiries relating to:

  • quarantine issues, particularly for many raw foods and certain processed foods brought through the airport or mailed to Australia
  • permits for imported food
  • foods which have been stopped at the border
  • testing of imported food
  • Imported Food Inspection Scheme or related data
  • food exports.


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