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Consumer and Public Health Dialogue

The FSANZ Consumer and Public Health Dialogue (CPHD) provides a means by which FSANZ can engage in deeper consultation with peak consumer and public health bodies and academics, with the objective of improving FSANZ’s understanding of community food safety and public health issues, and through this communication, provide a more effective food regulatory response.

Read the full terms of reference for the CPHD ​(word 39.8kb)


The CPHD has 14 members including 3 observers. Note: Members are listed alphabetically after the Chairperson.

Adjunct Professor Amanda Lee – Queensland University of Technology (Chair)

Dr Eva Bennet – Chair, Implementation Subcommittee for Food Regulation (Observer)

Ms Sue Chetwin – Consumer NZ

Ms Katinka Day – CHOICE​

Ms Julia Edmonds – Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand (Observer)

Ms Elizabeth Flynn – Commonwealth Department of Health (Observer)

Mr Ian Jarratt – Consumers’ Federation of Australia

Professor Mark Lawrence – Deakin University

Ms Christina McKerchar – Maori Representative, University of Otago

Ms Alison Pask – Activity and Nutrition Aotearoa​

Ms Barbara Radcliffe – Dietitians Association of Australia

Dr Rosemary Stanton – Public Health Association of Australia

Ms Nicole Turner – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Representative, University of Newcastle

Ms Wendy Watson – Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance/Cancer Council NSW

Focus and priorities  

Issues for dialogue focus
Intended outcome
1. Opportunity for the Dialogue to raise issues relevant to food policy development and risk analysis framework
Food policy is informed by Public Health and Consumer evidence-base
Ensure CPHD meeting agenda provides opportunity for relevant issues to be raised by members.
CPHD to develop a position paper on regulatory challenges.
High - Medium
2. Consumer issues including those identified in the Labelling Review
Ensure focus on consumer issues in addition to PH&S in the Labelling Review and other identified areas of work.
Ensure future agenda provides opportunity to reflect on relevant consumer issues.
3. Monitoring food labels, including health claims and environmental sustainability
Specific issues identified and raised by CPHD
Watching brief to identify specific issues
FSANZ to provide updates to Dialogue re: health claims monitoring.
Dialogue members to raise any issues
4. Share qualitative and quantitative research or summary of findings including Front of Pack Labelling to inform implementation of policy decisions
All regulatory decisions, including FoPL, are evidence-informed
FSANZ and Department of Health to provide access to relevant research findings.
FSANZ to regularly inform CPHD of projects related to public health and consumer matters.
Members to keep a ‘watching brief’ on the implementation of the HSR system.
5. International and national food, nutrition & public health activities and developments
Specific activities and developments identified and raised by CPHD
Watching brief to identify activities and developments of interest

 Completed work



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