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bread with a shelf life of less than 7 days, where a ‘baked-on’ date or ‘baked-for’ date may be used instead of a ‘best-before’ date – see section 1.5 – Date Marks for Bread below. …
 Date: 1/12/2013 Size: 1MB to Standard 1.2.5 - Date Marking of Food.doc

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Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from … have been developed and made available by food and scientific research agencies to inform …
 Date: 1/06/2013 Size: 1MB of Foodborne Illness in Word.doc

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Submissions received after this date will not be considered unless an extension had been given before the closing date. Extensions will only be granted due to …
 Date: 26/09/2012 Size: 317KB formula review Consultation Paper FINAL.doc

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any loss or injury directly or indirectly sustained by any person as a result of any use of … not be relied upon as legal advice or used as a substitute for legal advice. You should also …
 Date: 1/08/2013 Size: 93KB Plant Breeding Techniques 2013 Workshop Report.docx

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in all cases. Potential allergenicity was assessed by sequence comparison to known allergens, simulated digestion studies and by determining thermolability – these data did …
 Date: 1/06/2006 Size: 443KB 39 DAS-59122-7 Technical Report (3).docView duplicates

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© Food Standards Australia New Zealand 2011 … Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from … Additional work requested by the Ministerial Council …
 Date: 30/06/2011 Size: 1MB version Consolidated.doc

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depending on the reader program or app used), may read symbols incorrectly in Word and possibly HTML. For example, FSANZ has used the Greek letter ‘mu’ in a number of …
Date: 29/11/2015 Size: 64KB

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in Australia and New Zealand with those used internationally based on the best available … codes of practice, and guidelines for use by its member countries, which are either taken up …
 Date: 1/12/2014 Size: 1MB Harmonisation of Food Standards - final.docxView duplicates

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for food (Figure 1). Policy is developed by the Australian States and Territories and the … governments and policy agreement is ultimately made by the Australia New Zealand Food …
 Date: 1/11/2013 Size: 140KB Strategy 2010-2015 FINAL.docx

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Available in loose-leaf form by subscription from SAI Global on 03 9278 1144. … information on the risk analysis process used by FSANZ to identify, assess and manage food-related …
 Date: 22/03/2013 Size: 115KB 7 - Current Publications1.doc

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